Nintendo Might Release NX As Early As 2016

Could Nintendo’s latest console, codenamed “NX”, be making it debut as early as 2016? Reports seem to indicate that Nintendo aims to ship at least 20 million units of Nintendo NX by the end of 2016. If the report by Digitimes is to be believed, then we could be seeing the Nintendo NX sometime in early-to-mid 2016.

Nintendo NX 2016

However, based on the same report, it seems that Nintendo might not reach the purported target and has altered the shipment estimate to 10 – 12 million units. The reason being that the components supplier might not be able to back up the targeted production. Foxconn Electronics, famed for manufacturing almost all leading brand technology, has not made any confirmation with regards to productions on Nintendo’s NX.

It was back in March when Nintendo states that work has begun on the development of the new system, but chose not to elaborate any details, claiming they have “nothing more to say” until 2016. Whether an announcement with a launch on 2016 is feasible for the Nintendo console, is still in questions by fans and insiders, until more concrete details show up.

With Nintendo Wii U recently hitting the 10 million mark three years after its release, all signs point to a waning demand for the fledgeling console. In comparison, Playstation has reached 18 million in console shipments while Xbox One managed a 13 million shipped over the course of the holidays. Hopefully with the announcement of the NX, Nintendo can earn back the mindshare within the gaming market.

Recently, Nintendo launched its newest service account, dubbed “Nintendo Accounts”, for the Japanese region. Those in Japan or have access to Japanese region Nintendo consoles can register for an account to gain access to various features, such as connecting a Nintendo 3DS or Wii U with other devices with online capabilities.

Nintendo Account Japan

Ever since their partnership with mobile gaming developer DeNA, Nintendo has been active in making their services more accessible outside of its propriety hardware or software. Nintendo Accounts itself will allow registered users to link their account with Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. Though there’s still a level of overview from Nintendo to maintain a family-friendly environment, fans of Nintendo are seeing the company becoming more open over the past year.

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Source: Digitimes

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