Nintendo Officially Enters Thai Market With New Website and Online Store

For most of us here in Southeast Asia, to enjoy Nintendo’s online eShop as well as the Nintendo Switch Online membership, we’d have to jump through hoops to make an account using another region.

Whether you are using a Singaporean or US account, this typically means that most of us are paying a little to enjoy everything Nintendo has to offer. Even buying hardware means going through third-party distributors to get our hands on physical games and the Nintendo Switch console.

Thankfully, gamers in Thailand will have a more regulated experience as Nintendo has officially entered the Thai market. This began with the launch of a new Thai-language Nintendo website, as well as an official online store. This means that Thai gamers will neither have to contend with exchange rates nor make special regional accounts to enjoy fair pricings on Nintendo software and hardware.

Thailand joins Singapore as the only two countries in Southeast Asia to have their own region within Nintendo’s global network. So far, over 30 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific have had this privilege.

To support Nintendo’s Thai endeavours, the company has partnered with JD Central, who will operate as the official Thai Nintendo store. This means that Thai gamers will now have one-stop access to official Nintendo consoles, games and accessories.

Another perk for gamers in Thailand is that they are able to set their Nintendo account to their own region, which means having information in their language, as well as being able to send their consoles for maintenance and repairs to an official Nintendo service centre in Samut Prakan.

Hopefully, this means that Nintendo will be making a bigger push into Southeast Asia, and we might just see specific regions for Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines soon.

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