Nintendo Release First Special Edition Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo has released its first special edition OLED Nintendo Switch, whereas the OLED Nintendo Switch is themed around Splatoon 3.

Nintendo has published its official trailer on the YouTube channel, the Splatoon 3 console comes with a unique dock and Joy-Con controllers that are all characteristic of the game’s graffiti-Esuqe artwork with a splash of ink naturally. The dock itself is white with a yellow splat white, at the same time left Joy-Con is navy blue blending into purple, and the right is yellow blending into the green.

Nintendo also has announced that the OLED Nintendo Switch will be released on August 26, however, this is two weeks before Splatoon 3 will be released as the release date is on September 9.



Video Source: YouTube

The Splatoon 3-themes Nintendo Switch OLED model will sell for $359.99 — $10 more than the standard Switch OLED model.





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