No Man’s Sky Is Coming To Xbox One This Summer Along With Big Updates

No Man’s Sky is expected to receive a big update this August called Next for its space exploration game. The action-adventure survival game will also be released on Xbox One later this year.

Players can obtain physical or digital copies of the game, and video game publisher 505 Games will be in charge of disc distribution for the Xbox One version. Not much details have been revealed about Next update, however, in accordance with co-founder Sean Murray, the Next update is based on players’ feedback. Additionally, it will expand on story themes introduced in prior updates.

[quote style=’1′ cite=” title=”]We’ve learned a lot over the last few years, faster than we would have liked. I’d love to avoid talking completely and just make things people can play, but we knew this was going to leak anyway, and I think it’s news that should make a lot of folks happy.[/quote]


Murray also said that the Xbox One version of No Man’s Sky will support 4K resolution on Xbox One X and HDR color on the Xbox One S and X. Once it is released, the game developer will continue to support No Man’s Sky with significant and free content updates on Xbox One.