No Troubles, Just Shopping Vibes for Thai Customers

Thai folks can now rejoice when they shop at OffGamers. We’re summoning a season of shopping with humongous benefits that will make you lick your lips. What we have in store for you will make you want to shop ‘till you drop so if we were you, we’ll start shopping now.

Hopefully, you are just as excited as we are! Well, we can’t hold it much longer so we are just going to get right into it and tell you what these amazing benefits are!

Part 1: Reduced Handling Fees

Shopping is fun. We all love it and since everything is so digitalised shopping has become super convenient. All you need is a couple of swipes and taps and you’ll have completed your shopping journey.

Of course, bringing such convenience also invites many other problems. Since we are allowing multiple payment methods around the globe, there will be extra charges which customers hate. We get it, we do too when we make the purchases ourselves. Unfortunately, there’s no way around it and they are like taxes—you’ll have to pay them.

Feeling this in our hearts, we’ve decided to do something about this for our Thai buddies. What we’re trying to say is that we have taken the liberty of providing up to 60% off certain Thailand payment methods. To know what the newly updated rates are, click on the button below:

These are all very notable payment methods and gateways from Thailand so we are confident that these reduced handling fees will benefit a lot of regular Thailand users to shop at a better final price.

Part 2: A Welcoming Gift for New Thailand Sign-Ups

You wouldn’t think we’d stop there, no? Nope! We’re doubling the fun as we are dedicated to sending shopping shockwaves across Thailand during this Songkran period.

And if for some reason you have not heard from or purchased from OffGamers, congratulations, you are in luck! In the spirit of the Songkran festival, we’ve decided to give back by giving Thai newcomers an exclusive promotion code which they can use to get a discount on their purchase.

Don’t worry if you are anxious about having to do extra work with the code. We assure you that our process is very seamless and during checkout, all you need to do is insert the code and voila, you’re set! To find out more about this campaign, you can click on the button below where we explain things in more detail:

Still shy about joining us? Don’t be! OffGamers has always been customer-centric and whatever we do, we make sure you guys come first. So, register today using the button below:

Final Thoughts

Whew! There are a lot of promotions to take in. No worries, we will sum it up for you. Here’s a TLDR:

  • Various Thailand payment methods now have reduced handling fees so your final checkout price should be cheaper
  • First-time Thai sign-ups will get a special promotion code that will make their first-time purchase cheaper

Do note that these events are time-limited, so they won’t be sticking around for long. Be sure to strike while the iron is hot and shop as much as you can with us while they are still available.