NordVPN Gets A 10Gbps Speed Boost

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An internationally recognized VPN brand, NordVPN is currently in the process of moving its network from 1Gbps servers to 10Gbps capable servers. This upgrade is made in a number of its international servers. The upgrade is considered to be a big shift in NordVPN’s capability.

Most VPNs run on a 1Gbps server, however, due to the continuous rise of demand, there is a risk of bottlenecking which will inevitably cause a delay in services. The VPN giant’s move to 10 Gbps servers will be vital to better cope with the upcoming surge in demand.

Currently, the VPN giant has upgraded 20% of its international infrastructure. International servers such as in Singapore and London are in the midst of the upgrade and users will be able to enjoy the upgrade by the end of the year.

NordVPN will be the first large provider that made the jump to 10 Gbps. OffGamers is currently one of NordVPN’s official distributor. To know more about NordVPN’s packages to compliment your gaming needs, click here.


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