Notice of Cibmall Website Adjustment

Dear Players:
Please be informed that there will be some changes made at current CIBMall website starting from 19th October 2017, 15:00 (GMT +8).

The changes are as below:
1) Your current CIBMall account will become “Classic CIBMall” account.
2) CP top up to “Classic CIBMal”l account will no longer available.
3) You can still able to proceed direct top up from official game sites:
– TLBB (
– SDO (
– MAT (
4) Kindly visit to our above game websites and click on “Back to Classic CIBMall” button to continue to our Classic CIBMall web services.
5) Please take note that “” will become a brand new portal of our future games and services.
6) Please take not that the new CIBMall accounts do not synchronize with your current classic accounts.

What Classic CIBMall accounts can do:
1) Binding your game accounts (only for SDO, MAT & TLBB) into Classic CIBMall account
2) Create game accounts (only for SDO, MAT & TLBB) by using Classic CIBMall account
3) Allocate your points to game accounts (only for SDO, MAT & TLBB) (valid until 31st December 2018, 23:00 GMT+8).

Please take note that, any points that remain inside your CIBMall account will be forfeited after 31st December 2018, 23:00 GMT +8, please use all of the remaining CP points before the mentioned date.

Thanks for your support with CIBMall, stay tuned with more upgrades and better version of CIBMall website soon.



CiBMall 游戏平台升级公告


很荣幸在此通知大家,CiBmall 将于2017年10月19日15:00(GMT +8)全面升级,将以全新面貌的 CiBmall 与大家见面。而我们也将针对当前CiBMall 进行以下调整:

1)您当前的CiBMall账号将自动成为 “Classic CiBMall”账号。
2)CP点充值至 “Classic CIBMall”账号将停止服务。
– 天龙八部OL (
– 终极舞者OL(
– 反恐行动OL (
4)您仍能通过访问以下游戏网站(“”,“”和“”),然后点击“返回经典CIBMall” 按钮,继续浏览以及使用经典CiBMall账号服务。
5)CiBMall全新游戏平台 将为玩家们带来全新的游戏及账号服务。
6)全新的“CIBMall” 采用新的会员系统,将与“Classic CIBMall”账号不通用。

“Classic CIBMall”账号能够处理哪些服务呢?

1)您可以将游戏帐户(仅适用于终极舞者OL,反恐行动OL和天龙八部OL)绑定至“Classic CIBMall”账号。

2)使用“Classic CIBMall”创建游戏账号(仅适用于终极舞者OL,反恐行动OL和天龙八部OL)
3)将“Classic CIBMall”的CP点数分配给游戏帐户(仅适用于终极舞者OL,反恐行动OL和天龙八部OL)

(有效期至2018年12月31日,23:00 GMT+ 8)
请注意,所有在 Classic CiBmall 账户的余额CP点数,将在2018年12月31日23:00 GMT +8之后被清除。请在上述日期之前将所有剩余的 CP点数使用完毕。


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For more information, please visit:
Notice of Cibmall Website Adjustment.

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Asiasoft @Cash Malaysia (CiB)

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