OffGamers Game Library Expansion with Art Game Studio – It comes with Discount!

Enjoy great games from the Art Game Studio with discounts up to 7% OFF! Art Game Studio is a Developer and Publisher of PC games based in Warsaw, Poland.

We have expanded our library to include your favourite game titles:


– Pooplers is a multiplayer game where up to four players take control over babies. Toddlers do not belong to the calm ones, as soon as nobody watches them, they crawl around the house, pooping. A humorous game, however, has a number of elements that diversify the gameplay.


– Climbros is an arcade game with amazing gameplay. You can explore beautiful and diverse worlds by yourself or together in co-op mode. Climb, discover, cooperate and have fun.

When I Was Young

– When I Was Young is a stylish and challenging 2D action game set during the Vietnam War. Fight your way through the brutal firefights enjoying a unique combat system and a story-driven campaign. Immerse yourself in the fascinating entourage of the 1960s!

Negative: The Way of Shinobi

– Negative: The Way of Shinobi is a 2D action platformer game with ninjas. Stylized graphics and a narrative-driven story will emphasize the gameplay. For those who see themselves as hard core players. This game will make you fail… a lot. Will you accept the challenge?


– Help our Hero in this difficult mission, discover new powers, solve puzzles, climb, jump, swim and face the opponents!


Get your favourite Games today and Happy Gaming!



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For more information, please visit:
Art Game Studio Official Site.