OffGamers Gaming Fest – Breezy Autumn (Round 1)

Sit back and relax this autumn season with some of these new upcoming casual games. Build your own town, or powerwash your way through autumn. Check out what we have to recommend.


Video Source: Pathea Games on YouTube

My Time at Sandrock (Release Date: 26 May 2022)

There’s a whole lot that you can do in My Time at Sandrock, you are tasked with building this small town from ground up. It is a town simulator after all, so go wild on how you want this town to become. There are also seasonal events, funny and romantic interactions with the townsfolk. and some light combat action that lets you fight some mutant lizards in dungeons for loot.

So keep yourself busy running the town this autumn season with My Time at Sandrock. Available on Steam and Nintendo Switch.


Video Source: Kirby’s Dream Buffet on YouTube

Kirby’s Dream Buffet (Release Date: 17 Aug 2022)

There’s nothing better than giving Kirby all-he-can-eat in Kirby’s Dream buffet as you watch him get rounder and roll faster to the finish line. The game is riding on a lot of Nintendo cuteness. Remember to collect all the strawberries that you can, because getting 50 strawberries before the other players is a huge advantage!

Kirby’s Dream Buffet is not your usual race-to-the-end obstacle course. You get to use copy abilities and they give you power-ups like turning into a tornado that flies through everything or burning up into a Kirby-shaped fireball that can take out your opponents. Once you finish a race, you get experience and level up and you can unlock certain certain costumes and items.


Video Source: Destructoid on YouTube

Little Orpheus (Release Date: 13 Sept 2022)

The award-winning mobile game Little Orpheus has finally landed on PC and consoles. Little Orpheus sure packs a punch, it involves light puzzles and platforming challenges here, but this is an interactive story above all else. The story is shrouded in mystery, with amazing voice actors to bring the characters to life. It takes roughly about 3-6 hours to complete the full game, this lightweight platformer is perfect for you to chill with this autumn.


Video Source: Xbox on YouTube

PowerWash Simulator (Release Date: 19 May 2021)

Powerwash your way through autumn with this simulator game and lets you clean everything as thoroughly as you can. A water gun for hire, don’t stop until every dirt and dust is blasted into oblivion. Equip various different types of nozzles to get the job done, cleaning up buildings and vehicles as you put away money for a upgrade. The gameplay is rather repetitive, but those who played will tell you that it is very therapeutic, as though this PowerWash Simulator can wash away your worries. Why not give it a try?


Video Source: Team17 on YouTube

Hokko Life (Release Date: 27 Sept 2022)

Hokko Life has many similarities to Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, so if you’re a fan, you’ll love this game. You aren’t given much to start with so you make do with the beginner tools that you have and catch and sell whatever you’ve got to earn some money. As you get through the early grind, you can gradually expand and upgrade to make your town a little more welcoming. Players are having a blast with the farming system, as you can grow and harvest seasonal crops. But the developers have added that a super shopping mall is coming, a mayor merits system, new clothing design and customisation options, bug bonanza, and desert island distractions, enough to keep you busy working around the town.


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