OffGamers Gaming Fest – Collectors’ Crush (Round 2)

OffGamers Gaming Fest – Collectors’ Crush (Round 2)

The collection week has yet ended and it’s time for round 2. Watch out for more monsters that’s coming your way!


Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (Release Date: 30 June 2022)

Sunbreak is the DLC to the original Monster Hunter Rise game, where you will set foot on a new land called Elgado Outpost. Due to the previous event, you are now here to uncover the cause of a terrible threat faced by the kingdom. Here you will be meeting new monsters known locally as the Three Lords —— Malzeno, Lunagaron and Garangolm, and also returning monsters from the series. This means that there will be more monsters to fight following with new weapons, armor and layered armor. Explore the new land, meet new friends and free the kingdom from threat.


Digimon Survive (Release Date: 28 Jul 2022)

Digimon Survive presents you a tactical RPG hybrid with visual novel, telling you the story of Takuma and his friends, while also requiring you to battle dangerous monsters. While they are on a school camping trip, they found themselves teleported to a strange world filled with monsters named Digimon. They will have to make various choices to survive deadly battles and get back home. Explore the mysterious world, recruit Digimon, make choices, and survive the battles. Every choices you made and every evolution you did will affect the final chapter of the story.


Temtem (Release Date: 21 January 2020)

In a corner of the world lies a place named Airborne Archipelago, it’s formed by six islands and resided by creatures named as Temtem. They can be seen everywhere and every kids has a dream of becoming a Temtem tamer. Start your adventure by travelling through the land of Airborne Archipelago, meet new friends and discover all kinds of Temtem. Form a Temtem team of your own and test your team’s power by battling against other tamers. Don’t forget to take a break sometimes by resting in your house where you can decorate it and change into different custumes too.


Kena: Bridge of Spirits (Release Date: 21 September 2021)

Follow Kena in her journey to untangle her past. While the young Spirit Guide search for the sacred Mountain Shrine, she will meet lots of adorable yet powerful spirit companions. In order to ask for their assistance, Kena will need to search for them and free them from a forgotten village. Find and collect the Rot to discover new abilities, clear the corruption from the village and unlock new areas, explore the charming world in Kena: Bridge of Spirits.


Terraria (Release Date: 16 May 2011)

Classic never gets old. Dig, fight, explore and build! Nothing is impossible! Previously earning the Labor of Love award, Terraria is still continuously updating and giving out more and more content to the players. Delve deep into caves to search for treasures or rare materials to craft unique items. Team up with irreplaceable allies and seek out for greater foe or settle down and build yourself a cozy home with the materials found in the world. The choices are all yours.



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For more information, please visit:
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Official Site
Digimon Survive Official Site
Temtem Official Site
Kena: Bridge of Spirits Official Site
Terraria Official Site


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