OffGamers Gaming Fest – Games are Better with Animals (Round 1)

Animals make our world a better place, even in video games. Now you can play with them or play as them in some of these games that we recommend for animal lovers like you.


Source: PlayStation on YouTube

Stray (Release Date: 20 July 2022)

Explore the ruined city as a cat. They’ve even put in a button for you to meow as you traverse along the cybercity in this adventure-platformer game. Wondering what else you can do as a cat? You can scratch furniture, push thing off ledges and live out your dream as being a cat. And don’t forget about the “meow” button. You won’t be alone in this adventure, you will be accompanied by a floating robot, B-12 who most of the times hangs out in your backpack. You can get B-12 to assist you with the less paw-friendly tasks. This game is currently overloading the internet with cuteness, get your copy on Steam or PlayStation today.


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Source: PlayStation on YouTube

The Last Guardian (Release Date: 6 Dec 2016)

Meet the boy and his birddog, Trico. You don’t have direct control of Trico, but can prompt him with a series of commands and gestures that nudge the beast to jump, swipe, or head in a general direction. This is the interesting part of the game, which I think makes us feel more closer with reality. You’d have to think of ways to make Trico do what you want him to do, sounds familiar? In this case, Trico acts as your companion, and you definitely need some patience to get around the controls and solving puzzles with Trico, but the results can be rewarding.


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Source: PlayStation on YouTube

Untitled Goose Game (Release Date: 24 Sept 2019)

The first thing I do when I booted up this game was honk at everyone and everything. It was hilarious. In this game, you play as an annoying goose, and you are up to no good. The game is pretty relaxing where you can explore and do things however you want with little time constraint or consequences, and then you will see an item on your to-do list getting crossed out (e.g. Rake in the Lake), and go like “oh, so that’s how it works”. They even added a co-op mode, so you can annoying the human beings in the game with your friends in as many creative ways as possible.


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Source: Nintendo on YouTube

SkateBIRD (Release Date: 16 Sept 2021)

When Tony Hawk’s Skater Pro meets… a bird? It’s extremely small birds riding Tech Decks on small-scale stunt ramps scattered around a messy bedroom, plus various locations around an office. It’s a pretty simple arcade skating game, with no much of a story going on. You will need to skate around the area to find the next task to do. The tasks are generally very easy, and the time limits Skatebird provides to collect stuff and build scores are mostly very generous.


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Source: PlayStation on YouTube

Tunic (Release Date: 16 Mar 2022)

Tunic is a game with Legend of Zelda vibes, the little fox even look that part, complete with a little sword. It’s a charming little game that doesn’t lack the challenge in terms of combat and puzzle-solving abilities. The most frustrating part will be that the game lacks guidance for the players, Tunic never speaks and most of the in-game language is in an indecipherable script, and there are no objective markers, hints, or breadcrumb trails to speak of. Everything must be intuited, which is done partly through exploration but primarily through the individual pages of the in-game instruction manual that you’ll find scattered about the world. But the beautifully crafted game design certainly makes up for it, that will make you actually enjoy exploring around as this little fox.


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