OffGamers Gaming Fest – Revisiting the Classics (Round 2)

Welcome back to Round 2 of this month’s revisiting some of the classic games. Some of the games are remastered recently, it certainly makes the gaming experience even better. Check them out.


Source: Nintendo UK on YouTube

The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Release Date: 20 Sept 2019)

The first ever game to made it to console from the Zelda series is this game, The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. As some of you might remember, the game was in black & white and pixelated back when it was released on the classic Game Boy. The colored version came out later in 1995.

Now the game is back with a full remake in 2019, with 3D visuals and a better map system. A beloved game of the series and enhanced beautifully. Definitely worth getting it.


Source: GameSpot Trailers on YouTube

Black Mesa (Release Date: 6 March 2020)

Black Mesa was not originally developed by Valve, surprisingly. The remake was a fan-made mod that eventually caught a lot of attention and developed into a full-fledged game. The original was Valve’s Half-Life, which was highly acclaimed and we can say that most of the Steam users have probably owned that game at some point.

Black Mesa modified a lot of the base game, including the reworked Xen level designs that are among the most highly acclaimed. You will need to play the game to experience what made this humble fan-made mod into a hit.


Source: PlayStation on YouTube

Demon’s Soul (Release Date: 12 Nov 2020)

Any games that comes from FromSoftware is famous (or rather infamous) for being crazy difficult but also awesome world-building and satisfying boss fights. Demon’s Soul first released in 2005 and is considered to be the predecessor to the Dark Souls series. Without its success, we probably wouldn’t get to see or play Dark Souls today.

Good news is, the game was remastered in 2020. So any Dark Souls or FromSoftware fans should definitely give this a try.


Source: PlayStation on YouTube

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 (Release Date: 4 Sept 2020)

Since we are on the topic of old-school nostalgic games, there is no way we don’t mention Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2. This is a highly replayable game for any skating fans. Truly hard to find another game of this kind in the market.

The first Pro Skater was released in 1999. Now you can play it in full HD. And did we also mention that the soundtrack rocks?


Source: PlayStation on YouTube

Alan Wake Remastered (Release Date: 5 Oct 2021)

There’s nothing better than experiencing the psychological horror game – Alan Wake in the full HD remastered version. The game is pretty much the same as the original Alan Wake, with the constant foraging for batteries and shooting down monsters. So get your flashlights ready, and dive into the world of Alan Wake Remastered.



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