OffGamers Gaming Fest – Season of Fright (Round 1)

It’s the Halloween Season, and we’ve got some spooky games that you might want to try out! Be prepared for some jump scares and paranormal activities. Check them out.

Resident Evil Village (Release Date: 7 May 2021)

This is not your usual zombie-mutant game, instead we have Lady Dimitrescu, she took over the internet like a storm at some point, with her towering height and extremely gorgeous looks (or so they say). But let’s not forget our main protagonist here: Ethan Winters, on a mission to save her infant daughter in this European-looking village. And watch as he magically recovers by dousing some medicine on himself after having his fingers sliced off by Lady Dimitrescu. That’s not all, we have Donna Beneviento, a dollmaker with a bride Chucky puppet; Salvatore Moreau, a merman looking monster; and Karl Heisenberg, a magnetically powered madman. All of them answers to a mysterious Mother Miranda.

As soon as you drop into the game, get ready for some combat as you’ll be jumped by some villagers seemingly infected with lycanthropy and things just get worse from there. Fret not, you will encounter the Duke who will sell you weapons and upgrades, but everything comes at a price.


Little Nightmares II (Release Date: 11 Feb 2021)

Are you ready for some hide-and-seek that might cost you your life? The horrors and the tormentors continue on in Little Nightmares II, and Six, the protagonist in the previous game will tag along as a little helper in this game. You play as Mono, and you get a little bit of an upgrade in this game where you can pick up some weapons to swat away little enemies. The game is a stealth and puzzle solving game with anxiety-inducing situations where you get chased by nasty looking adult creatures.


The Quarry (Release Date: 10 June 2022)

When one thing leads to another. The Quarry is a narrative horror game where every decision you make will ultimately impact the ending of the game. By the time blood started flying, every choice felt like one more step in a rolling disaster. There are 9 characters involved in the game, and you get to play each one of them. You can influence how its events play out through exploration scenes, conversation choices, quick time events, stealth, simple combat, and Mass Effect-style interruptions where you have a short window in which to make a sudden move. If you want to get the BEST ending, check out our guide.


Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (Release Date: 28 Oct 2021)

Originally released on PlayStation 2, Fatal Frame/Project Zero is a cult classic survival horror, and now Maiden of Black Water finally made its way to the modern platforms. The story takes place on Mount Hikami, a mysterious place holding a dark secret where people come to die. The camera-based combat is definitely the franchise’s unique selling point. Use the Camera Obscura to “take photos” of the ghost to do some basic damage, the more ghosts you have in frame, the more damage you will do. Time your photo to their attacks and you will trigger the fatal frame, which allows you to spam several photos for a couple of seconds to deal massive amounts of damage. Mix in the different film types and lenses, and you’ve got a combat system that is both complex and incredibly simple.


Phasmophobia (Release Date: 19 Sept 2020)

Some say its the best ghost game ever made. Unlike games that play on jump scares, being chased, or nasty looking monsters, Phasmophobia plays fear into your own mind. You play as one of up to four investigators who go into various locations, from roadside houses to an asylum, and try to identify what kind of spirit it is being haunted by. Phasmophobia is still in early access, and has already been claimed to be a masterpiece by many. If you are brave enough, try it in VR mode.


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