OffGamers Gaming Fest – Season of Fright (Round 2)

The Halloween Season is just getting started. Are you brave enough to try out these games?

Alan Wake Remastered (Release Date: 5 Oct 2021)

Alan Wake first made its debut in 2010, and it is a game many gamers know well. Alan Wake’s very own psychological horror and survival with a flashlight has gotten a remastered and have received positive reviews so far. In case you missed out on it, Alan Wake follows the story of the writer in search of his missing wife. The only clues to her whereabouts are the loose excerpts from a book he has no memory of writing. You can expect the gloomy Bright Town in full 4K and monsters too. The most important thing in the game? Remember to get batteries for your flashlight.


Resident Evil 7 (Release Date: 23 Jan 2017)

With such a long series running, there’s hardly anything new about Resident Evil. But Resident Evil 7 is by far the strongest and here’s why: taking a break from the full force of zombies and gore, Resident Evil 7 starts by receiving cryptic emails from Ethan’s missing wife, who turned out to be kidnapped by a family in the Dulvey plantation. The seemingly normal Baker family, turns into an utterly horrific nightmare for Ethan Winters. You’ll have to face them off one by one, or else they’ll come back to haunt you.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 (Release Date: 31 Oct 2019)

Get ready to be a ghostbuster in the Mario world. Check in this spooky hotel alone or with your friends for a fun and spooky experience. A brand-new character named Gooigi plays a big part in keeping things fresh after you unlock him a short way into the 15-hour campaign. He is a deployable clone of you who happens to be like the T-1000, except made of Jello instead of liquid metal. He can slip through grates and through pipes into areas Luigi can’t access, help you solve puzzles, and serve as a decoy to bamboozle certain enemies and bosses. You can even play the campaign in two-player local co-op mode, with one of you taking full-time control over the gelatinous doppelganger.


Until Dawn (Release Date: 25 Aug 2015)

Follow 8 friends as they get trapped on a mountaintop for a remote getaway gone wrong. I mean who would go there to mark the one year anniversary of their friend’s disappearance in this exact location. Choices and consequences are the real bad guys in this game. Bend a weapon out of shape? Don’t expect to have it later when you’re under attack. Be cruel to another character? You won’t have his support when you need it the most. Quick-time events (QTE) will have you on your feet, as they will have real repercussions for failing. Sometimes you need to make spilt seconds decisions for your escape.


The Evil Within 2 (Release Date:13 Oct 2017)

After the events in the first game, Sebastian Castellanos needs to rescue his daughter from what seems to be Evil Within’s version of the Matrix – STEM. In this world of the Matrix- I mean Evil Within, mirrors take you to safehouses, burning paintings make barbed wire disappear, cat gives you green gel so you can upgrade your abilities. The zombies are everywhere and there are many disgusting and horrifying boss-level mobs that you need to take on. Evil Within 2, like the previous one plays more on stealth, as you can choose to avoid enemies as you wish, but this game gives you slightly more resources. More guns and even a flamethrower, yay.


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