OffGamers Gaming Fest – Sporty Summer (Round 1)

Looking to get sporty this summer? Check out some of these sports games that you can enjoy at home and away from the heat! Perfect for the summer weather.


Source: Nintendo on YouTube

Mario Strikers: Battle League (Release Date: 10 June 2022)

Get ready for a five-on-five football league! Go in for the offense and get past your opponents to score a goal. If you spot an orb on the pitch, grab it and charge it up while your opponents are distracted to unleash Hyper Strike, a special shot that can earn you two goals in one! You can also customize your team members, not only the cosmetics but their stats as well. It’s been 15 years since Nintendo last gave us a Mario Strikers game, how will this one fare?


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Source: Xbox on YouTube

Tour de France 2022 (Release Date: 9 June 2022)

To hot to go biking this summer? Hop onto Tour de France, a biking simulator game where you can cycle around France at the comfort of your own home. Fight for the yellow jersey in game and a spot in the tournament. You can also manage your team in the Pro Team and Pro Leader modes.


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Source: F1® Games From Codemasters on YouTube

F1 22 (Release Date: 28 June 2022)

Ever dream of being in Formula 1? Now you can with F1 22. In the new F1 22, new regulations allow drivers to run much closer to each other for a better racing experience. Previous F1 games modeled the loss of grip drivers suffer when tailing a competitor. In F1 22, it’s noticeably easier to pull up to the back of a car without suddenly feeling your front-end wash out, leaving you to either lift or drift. An overall better gaming experience.


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Source: PlayStation on YouTube

WWE 2K22 (Release Date: 11 March 2022)

WWE 2K22 hits different this time, with all the bugs from WWE 2K20 almost completely gone. Faster action, the controls are less convoluted at the ground level and the most wrestlers look fantastic and albeit realistic. The combat is also enhanced thanks to much-improved camera angles that do a better job of framing the action in and outside the ring, much better character models for every wrestler, a more reactive and more varied crowd, and far more accurate commentary from Michael Cole, Corey Graves, and Byron Saxton. Best of all, there’s now one gigantic backstage area for falls count anywhere matches and backstage brawls, complete with cars to smash each other into, high platforms to toss your opponent off of, and plenty of weapons and tables strewn all around.


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Source: Nintendo on YouTube

OlliOlli World (Release Date: 8 Feb 2022)

Now that we’ve covered all the hardcore sports game, time to enjoy something a little less intense. OlliOlli World’s design is cartoonish, colourful and simply vibrant. Once you start skating, you can enjoy the smooth animation of the characters, launching at speed out of a grind to fly low over an arching factory rooftop and seamlessly into another grind. You can also perform mid-air tricks while at it. So give it a go this summer.


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