OffGamers Gaming Fest – Sporty Summer (Round 2)

The sun’s out, let’s get the fun going with Sporty Summer this Gaming Fest! Check out these games to get you into sports this summer season.


Source: Nintendo on YouTube

Nintendo Switch Sports (Release Date: 29 April 2022)

If you have been around long enough, you’ll surely know about the Wii Sports wave that took over the world in 2006. That fan-favourite has now made a comeback with the all new Nintendo Switch Sports!

Create your Sportsmate, or avatar that will stand in as you in Spocco Square, where all the action takes place. Discover your hidden talent in bowling, or badminton or even volleyball. Because let’s face it, perhaps one or two of our family members suddenly became good at sports after clocking in hours into Nintendo Switch Sports.

The game also supports online co-op, where you can play a match with someone from anywhere in the world. You can also unlock new gear by taking part in online multiplayer seasons and winning prizes. Or if you don’t subscribe to the Nintendo Switch Online Membership, you can compete against offline bots to earn a limited amount of items. Time to get fit with Nintendo Switch Sports this summer!


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Source: Dotemu on YouTube

Windjammers 2 (Release Date: 20 Jan 2022)

Switch up the sports gaming scene with Windjammers’ retro-styled graphics as you score your points on the field. In Windjammers 2, there are 3 modes available for you to play – Arcade, Versus, and Online. Play against your friends or if or people across the globe, with new and improved characters, levels, and abilities.

Have you checked out their super-awesome-dramatic-style whenever your character plays the sports? Very addictive indeed.


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Source: Xbox on YouTube

Shredders (Release Date: 17 Mar 2022)

Shredders, the game for snowboarding lovers. What’s more, they even added a Forza Horizon style rewind button lets you turn back time by a few seconds when you flub a trick, meaning you will never have to suffer the indignity of eating snow or fatally ploughing into a ski lift. Featuring real world famous snowboarders, like Arthur Longo and the Gimbal God, you can have a chance to meet them in event or missions.

Shredders is a semi open world boarding game set across several big frozen mountains, with a varied set of missions including trick runs and time trials, each with generous win conditions and bonus objectives to go back and try to unlock later. Perfect to chill out this summer season.


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Source: Ubisoft North America on YouTube

Riders Republic (Release Date: 28 Oct 2021)

You get flying suits in Riders Republic. That’s right. you’re not just doing stunts on your bike, but you also get to fly around in a wingsuit race. If you’re afraid of heights, you might want to sit out on this one.

There’s a whole host of compelling competitive multiplayer modes as well, including ranked Free for All races that test your skills against a small group of live players, Arena matches that pit two teams of six against each other as you fight for control of a skate park, and most notably: Mass Races. Free for All and 6v6 Arena matches


Source: EA SPORTS FIFA on YouTube

FIFA 22 (Release Date: 30 Sept 2021)

Time to cue in another game from EA sports, as they are rather famously (or infamously) known for, FIFA 22. If you’re a perennial FIFA player, you’ll know that graphical bumps are nice-to-haves, but gameplay is king. This is where FIFA 22 has made some meaningful progression.

With a new motion-capture called “HyperMotion”, FIFA 22 feels more fluid on new-gen consoles. A forward’s legs will buckle from the momentum after they ping a shot in the top corner from outside of the box. Midfielders will react naturally to the blowback from a strong pass, and wingers with high dribbling stats feel more flexible on the break. It’s simply beautiful.

In online multiplayer mode, you’ll get the thrill as if you’re playing a real soccer game. So are you game this summer season?


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