OffGamers Goes Mobile: Check Out Our Mobile App Today!

OffGamers Goes Mobile: Check Out Our Mobile App Today!


All your video game top-ups and gift cards are now available to you with a couple of swipes and taps. Our OffGamers mobile app is here to bring you a digital shopping experience packed with convenience and ease of accessibility.

First let us go over some essential features for the app.


OffGamers Mobile App Features


Our OffGamers Mobile App Features


Arguably The Largest Video Game Top-Up Library

Browse from over 28,000 game titles with different top-ups to choose from. Our products also support many video game platforms like PlayStation, Steam, Origin, Uplay and Some of our bestselling products include:


– iTunes Gift Card

– PlayStation Network Card

– Steam Wallet Codes


So if you are ever in need to top up your video game wallet, having the OffGamers mobile app installed on your device is extremely worthwhile.


All Your Preferred Payment Options

Dedicated to making your shopping experience with us more convenient, here at OffGamers we support up to 185 payment options.

Payment options like PayPal, Google Pay and Visa are all available through our app. And if you prefer other payment options, OffGamers also support various e-wallets and online banking.


Consistent Promos and Discounts

During seasonal events like CNY and Black Friday, OffGamers will host various promotional campaigns.

These campaigns entail the best promotional discounts for your favourite products. Hence, we recommend users to check on the app on such occasions!


24/7 Customer Support

Inside the app, there is a support button—an image with a headset—and you can easily write to us your problems!

For other alternatives, you can reach us by contacting our customer support at +603 92234673.


Frequently Asked Questions On OffGamers Mobile App


1. Where Can I Download The OffGamers Mobile App?


For Android devices

Users who wish to download the OffGamers mobile app through an Android device will need only to access the Google Play store and search ‘OffGamers’.

Press the download button to start the downloading process and when completed, you will now be able to enjoy all the OffGamers mobile app features!


For HUAWEI devices

If you own a HUAWEI phone and do not have access to the Google Play store, you can still download our mobile app through the HUAWEI AppGallery.

Similar to the Google Play store, all you need to do is enter ‘OffGamers’ in the search bar on the HUAWEI AppGallery and start the download from there.


For iOS devices

The OffGamers mobile app is currently not available for iOS devices. But not to fret, as our team is still in the process of making the app compatible with iOS devices and we will be expecting the app to be available to all iOS devices in the near future.


2. How Do I Make a Purchase?


Step 1

Log in to your OffGamers account. If you have not registered, you can do so here.


Step 2

Select your desired product and you will be navigated to the product’s product page. If you have made your purchase decision, tap ‘Buy’.


Step 3

You will then be navigated into the checkout page where you can review your items added inside your cart. After you’ve done your confirmation, you can now proceed by pressing ‘Checkout’.


Step 4

Pick your preferred payment method and make your payment.


3. Where Can I Check My OffGamers Points?


Through the app, users can check their OffGamers points by tapping on their avatar from the top-left corner of their device. The drop-down menu will state your store credit, OffGamers points and you can even look through your orders there.


4. How Do I View The Latest Promo OffGamers Are Currently Offering?


On the top-right corner, there is a three-line icon that is a drop-down to all of our product categories. 

For the latest promos, tap ‘promo’ and you will be navigated to our latest promo page.


So if you wish to download the app now, you can head over to the app page here:

For the Google Play Store, click here.

For the HUAWEI AppGallery, click here.