Onigiri HEROES Pre-registration Is Now Opened


Are you ready for some Onigiri? Because here comes the new Onigiri HEROES, available for pre-registration on Android and iOS now! Developed by the Japan-based game developer Cyberstep, the game will be available to download in 2022.


Onigiri HEROES is an MMORPG set in ancient Japan. In the vast world of Onigiri, a unique Japanese fantasy world awaits players, with many unique Japanese-style buildings set in places like Onigashima, Sekigahara, Kyoto, and Edo and characters appearing in each field. Featuring Lady Shizuka, Yoshitsune, Miroku, Ibaraki-Douji, Momotarou, Kaguya, Susano, and Amaterasu. Watch all of them in action on your palm.


The world of Onigiri HEREOS is set in an ancient Japan filled with spirits and monsters, the land itself was rocked by chaos. From the depths rose the terrible Kamikui who carved a path of destruction through everything. The gods and people struggled for a century.

At last, Amaterasu Oomikami, goddess of the Sun, placed three great Seals, forcing the Kamikui into seclusion and returning peace to the land once again.

Time has passed, and now, one of the great Seals has shattered. A dark force arises once more.

On the far western island of Onigashima, fate brings together a young woman and a child of the Oni. The journey of destiny begins now!

80k subs100k subs

Onigiri HEROES is now open for pre-registration and rewards will be given as the game reaches certain milestone of registration. If you want to get those sweet sweet prizes, pre-register now on Android and iOS!




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