Operation Frostline Is Eve Online’s Biggest Update of 2015

Eve Online, one of the longest running MMOs, is getting a revamp with the major update, Operation Frostline. And this is no small over-the-air update, there’s a lot of content that CCP has crammed into this update.

Eve Online Frostline Update

The first big content that the update brings is the inclusion of new story-driven missions where players will join with the mercenary faction Mordu’s Legion and be part of their attacks against the Serpentis Corporation.

On a blog post on Eve Online‘s official site, CCP described these missions as “open season for capsuleer assault, with attacking pilots entitled to any loot that survives the onslaught.” And the loot will be well worth the venture as CCP wrote on the post. “Leaked manifests suggest loot from these vaults including apparel, synth-grade boosters, ship blueprints, all manner of high and low-value modules, implants and Nexus Chips, so there’ll be plenty of trigger-happy pilots looking to make a quick profit from grabbing some of the more exotic salvage.”

Aside from that, CCP also included 13 new ships for players to traverse the galaxy with. These ships include Command Destroyers with their AoE Micro Jump Field Generators that pulls all nearby sub-capital ships. Or the Endurance, a null-security excursion specific ice-mining frigate and four new Navy Electronic Warfare Frigates and Tech II Logistics Frigates for those that prefer to work in teams.

While these updates are more for the hardcore players, new and lapsed players will probably notice the graphical overhaul that CCP has put into Eve Online. The HUD now display your ship’s shield and armour damage, accumulated rust and dust, PvP kill tallies, plus, new engine effects. Nebulae and starfields are also given subtle visual tweaks, along with new ship skins and first-person camera controls.

Eve Online Operation Frostline 2015

What’s interesting is that all of these updates and changes are building blocks for the big expansion, Citadel, which is set for release in spring of 2016. CCP noted that the Citadel expansion “will reconstruct the very foundations of the famous sci-fi universe and transform the sandbox game design it is built on.” Definitely ambitious on CCP’s part and we can’t wait to see what they have in stored.

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