Our Top 5 Games For The January Player’s Choice Award

Our Top 5 Games For The January Player’s Choice Award


The Player’s Choice Award is an award that celebrates the best new PlayStation releases for the month.

Though it might be January and the game releases are still going at a slow pace, there are still some underrated gems that you might’ve missed out on and really need to try!

Here are our 5 picks of January releases for the Player’s Choice Award.


Reverie Knights Tactics Player's Choice Award


1. Reverie Knight Tactics

Genre: Strategy, RPG

Developers: 40 Giants Entertainment


Quirky, beautiful and addictive. Reverie Knight Tactics is an elegant take on the strategy genre that has an odd nostalgic vibe to it but packs enough wit and action to rival any modern-day turn-based game.

Reverie Knight Tactics also tells an amazing story that you will be scripting yourselves. Essentially, the choices you make matter. Every decision you make will affect and change the course of your game’s story.

As such, Reverie Knight Tactics has replayability value and you can try out different decisions and experience different outcomes from them.


Deep Rock Galactic Player's Choice Award


2. Deep Rock Galactic

Genre: FPS

Developers: Ghost Ship Games


Big fans of guns and dungeon crawling? Deep Rock Galactic is the game for you.

In this game, dwarves aren’t just digging for gemstones, they are also tasked with taking hordes of creatures dwelling underneath the earth.

Play with 4 of your friends and experience a wild journey of trials and tribulations which will require you to have the best teamwork amongst your friends.

Similar to games like Hades, the layout of the game always changes, meaning that there is also infinite playability to Deep Rock Galactic and you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth.


River City Girls Player's Choice Award


3. River City Girls

Genre: Action, Pixel Art

Developers: WayForward


Ever since the iconic Flash Player was removed from browsers, flash browser games have been dying out which means that retro games have lost a part of their culture.

Lucky for us, developers like WayForward are here to provide us with some beautiful pixel art games and River City Girls is one of its more unique ones.

Choose between the Kyoko or Misako, two badass schoolgirls that pack serious punches. Like most beat ’em up games, the gameplay is pretty simple, all you need to do is bash up anyone that stands in your way.

Satisfying and rewarding, River City Girls also allows its players to equip different abilities and weapons which you can customise based on your fight style and preferences.

If Edgar Wright were to pick up a video game hobby, River City Girls will most likely be in his top 10 list.


An Artful Escape Player's Choice Award


4. The Artful Escape

Genre: Music

Developers: Beethoven and Dinosaur


If immersion takes the form of a game, The Artful Escape is a strong contender for it.

The Artful Escape doesn’t just provide an experience but it also provides a musical journey that will take you to a different dimension with its vivid imagery and crisp musical tunes.

Despite the game not having fully structured gameplay like Rock Band and Guitar Heroes, the Artful Escape emphasises the beauty of music rather than the techniques of music.

Therefore, if games like Life is Strange or To the Moon gets to you, The Artful Escape is the escape you need from reality, engineered by your PlayStation.


Monster Harvest Player's Choice Award


5. Monster Harvest

Genre: Farming, Collector

Developers: Merge Games


Monster Harvest is basically a combination of Stardew Valley and Pokemon.

Its user interface and design is largely similar to Stardew Valley and its monster concept is also comparable to Pokemon, but it also means you would need to have some big shoes to fill.

That said, Monster Harvest did pretty well considering their small team to which they have also brought a breath of fresh air to the farming genre.

But no worries, if you enjoy seeing growth and results, Monster Harvest has all of that and trust us, when you yield results as your farm and monsters grow, the satisfaction is enormous!


So here are our picks for the Player’s Choice Award for the month. If any of these games piqued your interest, you can purchase some PSN cards here!


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