Outriders gets new missions and transmog system in major free update


Remember Outriders? People Can Fly’s third-person Halo-alike looked promising, but the full release stumbled out of the gate with some serious technical problems. Gameplay proved divisive, with players unusually split on its story, endgame, and other core aspects. Player counts on Steam dwindled and by early summer, it had largely fallen off our radar.

It’s not game over just yet, though. Publisher Square Enix announced today that the free New Horizon update for Outriders will go live tomorrow with a range of changes and new content. Four new Expeditions have been added, and Expedition time limits have been removed, meaning players will earn completion rewards no matter how long it takes to get the job done. A new transmog system has been so players can customize their look without giving up on desired attributes, and the in-game store has been reworked to offer a pair of additional new options: To re-roll the legendary-tier gear available for purchase, and to purchase a mystery piece of legendary-gear kit.



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