Overwatch Adds Endorsement System To Commend Good Players

Blizzard has release the brand new ‘Endorsements System’ that focuses on rewarding players for their positive interactions in Overwatch.

Overwatch developer has been vocal for the longest time about battling toxic and misbehaving players that ruins the fun for everyone else. Although, Blizzard has implement a fair share of updates to curb bad behavior before, the new endorsements system included in the latest patch instead seeks to provide recognition and benefits to players that are often recognized for their positive attitude and team contributions.

Endorsements enables players to view the standing of their prospective teammates from the in-game career profiles and in the groups menu. Players that shows good sportsmanship, being a good teammate, showing strong leadership, or exhibiting humility in victory and grace in defeat is recorded and recognized by the endorsement system.

In addition, the ‘Looking For Group’ has expanded to include roles, overall team compositions, and Endorsement levels where players will have the option to search for the ideal teammates to play Overwatch with. Players are able to merge with groups too in this new patch update.