Overwatch Getting A New Hero and Year Of The Dog Event Coming Soon

Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan talked about a few of the improvements that are heading to the team based shooter in a recent developer update video.

Overwatch was officially online for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC back in May 2015 and has attained over 35 million players, worldwide. Due to consistent release of new content, such as characters, maps, and seasonal events, Blizzard’s strategy managed to kept players engaged and purchasing loot boxes for cosmetic items.

For 2018, Kaplan noted that the Chinese New Year, Uprising, and Anniversary events will soon take place this year with much more content. Blizzard may also add fresh cosmetic items which will be available in the standard loot boxes, which means you will be able to collect new costumes, sprays, and more during non-seasonal events.

Overwatch developers are currently working on their 27th hero and Kaplan promised that the game’s next map, Blizzard World, will be ready soon.