Overwatch Hackers From Korea Slapped With $10,000 Fine

In 2016, South Korea passed a law that protects game developers by criminalizing the creation and distribution of aimbots, wall hacks, along with other software that breached the terms of service of online games.


Following a long investigation conducted by the Seoul Metropolitan Police that ran from January to December 2017, about 13 Overwatch cheaters were detained; two of them, have now been sentenced. The first offender was given two years of probation, together with prison awaiting if he violates his terms.

The second was given a fine of ₩10 million, which turns out to approximately $9,300. It is a stiff punishment, but it could be worse. The maximum penalty permitted by law is $43,000, or five years of jail time. The remaining 11 cases are still under investigation.

In another case in China, 15 individuals were recently fined $5.1 million for distributing and making cheats for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which works out to an average of $340,000 each individual. Blizzard Korea said it’s committed to creating a fair game environment for its players, and will continue to try to keep a fair environment for players.