Overwatch Halloween Event Is Back This October

Overwatch’s Halloween-themed event is back this October and players can acquire new cosmetic items from the Halloween terror event beginning next week.

halloween terror 2017

Blizzard announced the Halloween Terror will start on October 10th, until November 2nd, 2017 and the event will be available to all platforms: PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Additionally, a teaser video revealed that McCree and Reaper are getting new skins.

Players will once again get the opportunity to unlock new spooky skins, spray, highlight intro, emote, victory pose, player icon, voice line and other items from the limited time lootboxes.

Not much details have yet been announced, but we might see the return of Junkrat’s Junkenstein and the co-op mode that enables a team of four defending against waves of enemies in Overwatch’s Horde mode.