Overwatch Halloween Terror 2018 Starts Today

Overwatch Halloween Terror is back with new skins for the multiplayer first-person shooter’s heroes.

ovewatch halloween 2018

The Halloween-themed cosmetics in Overwatch is filled with eerie skins to match the roster of heroes and players will be spoilt for choice. The event starts on October 9 and will last until October 31. For the time being, Blizzard has unveiled several Legendary and Epic skins on its official Twitter account, such as Swamp Monster Doomfist, Banshee Moira, Spider Widowmaker, Enchanted Armor Pharah, Jack-O’-Lantern Wrecking Ball and Undead McCree Legendary skins.

overwatch skins

Players can also participate in the limited-time PvE mode Junkenstein’s Revenge, which four players must work together on taking down Dr. Junkenstein and the Witch of the Wilds. Overwatch is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.