Overwatch Insurrection Event Starts Later Today

Overwatch Insurrection event trailer was first leaked over the PlayStation France YouTube channel and this huge event shows what seems to be a new cooperative horde mode for the game. This upcoming event will add new batch of skins as well as other cosmetics for players to collect.

The Overwatch’s new mode seems to be set on a daytime version of the King’s Row map. Built to let players “relive one of the key moments in the history of Overwatch,” players will apparently fight with a massive onslaught of foes that are Omnic, including swarms of two-legged mechanical creatures and shield-bearing robots.

Players will likely have the ability to play as one of four Overwatch team members: {Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy and Torbjörn. In the previous limited time event, Halloween Terror, players could fight waves of Omnic enemies in Junkenstein’s Revenge, and were restricted to four characters: Ana, McCree, Hanzo and Soldier: 76.

overwatch insurrection

Along with brand new gameplay mode, the Insurrection upgrade will bring heaps of new skins for McCree, Genji, Widowmaker, Mercy, Torbjorn, Bastion and Orisa. Blizzard assures that more than one hundred unlockable items, including skins, sprays, emotes, and poses will be available for players to collect.

Overwatch Insurrection is expected to run from April 11th to May 1st, based on the trailer details.

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