Overwatch Is Getting An Enhanced Version Of The Looking For Group Tool

In a recent developer update, Overwatch’s game director Jeff Kaplan said a massive patch is headed to Overawtch soon. Along with the extensive Symmetra rework, quite a few social features are coming to the game.

The most important aspect of the patch is the new looking for group feature which will allow players to create parties, confine roles they’re looking for, and search players with specific parameters like using voice chat or those interested in progressing up the ladder. The system will not function like the usual automated matchmaker, rather, players will be able to browse parties hosted by other players, seeking out teammates and a more refined search for the kind of group experience they are looking for.

The following is an endorsement system which will let players recognize players for sportsmanship, shotcalling, and also being a good teammate. Players who maintain a high endorsement level without being mentioned for toxic behavior, which resets any goodwill they’ve earned will be rewarded periodically.