Overwatch Players Gets Suspension For Mei’s Wall Exploit

Blizzard vowed to punish exploiters of Mei’s Ice Wall glitch in Overwatch with a threat of punishment should they continue to take advantage of the bug.

A Overwatch exploit continues plaguing the game’s 3v3 for weeks, angering numerous players who simply desire a fair game. The exploit enables them to glitch outside the maps and leaves players invincible.

Naturally, other non-cheating players are upset at Blizzard’s apparent lack of word about this problem. Fortunately, Blizzard has now recognized the problem at hand and Overwatch’s game director Jeff Kaplan, issued an apology and promised to patch the bug and punish those who continues to abuse this exploit.

blizzard overwatch jeff kaplan

It appears that Blizzard has started cracking down on cheaters who used the exploit, according to WarmGreycen, a user on reddit.

reddit user suspended over wall exploit

Source: Battlenet, reddit