Overwatch unveils horrifying new Reinhardt Halloween Terror skin

With Halloween Terror 2021 set to get going on October 12, Blizzard is rolling out previews of the new skins to get players hyped, and the new Reinhardt one does just that. Halloween event skins are some of the best in Overwatch, and Rein’s new look is no exception. It reimagines the tank as an undead nordic warrior, and yes, it will definitely be a Legendary.


Called “Draugr” Reinhardt, the skin is named after undead creatures from Norse mythology. As such, Reinhardt looks like he belongs in some World of Warcraft or Skyrim dungeon, rather than an Overwatch map.

Like we mentioned this skin is probably a Legendary as there’s a lot that gets changed. His shield is now round and stuck with arrows, and his hammer has been replaced with a massive, wicked-looking axe.

Like his other Halloween skin, there are several spots that glow or shine in the dark, and should look great on the special seasonal maps. Another fun fact: this is also the only Reinhardt skin where the Tank hero is rocking bare feet.


If it does end up being a Legendary skin, Draugr Reinhardt will be available to be unlocked in Halloween loot boxes or for 3,000 coins, whichever you prefer. Come to think of it, he would be the perfect companion to Brigitte’s Shield Maiden and Torb’s Viking skins as well.

Like we mentioned, Overwatch’s Halloween Terror event gets going on October 12 for 2021, and will all wrap up on November 2. This should be plenty of time to collect Draugr Reinhardt, Roadhog’s IT inspired clown skin, and every other new item that ends up coming out.



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