Overwatch’s 2nd Anniversary 2018 Brings New Skins, Game Modes And More

Overwatch’s 2nd Anniversary event will start next week, and Jeff Kaplan has revealed more details about the upcoming event.

Blizzard is gradually revealing new skins and at the moment, it seems that Tracer is getting a new Lightning Tracer skin and Venom Soldier 76’s epic skin will replace the current default skin to a more intimidating appearance. These skins are part of the 50 new cosmetic items coming for this Anniversary celebration, including eight Legendary skins and three Epics. Players can look forward to the Petra map that will be placed in the Deathmatch, and a new Competitive mode as well.

tracer and solider 76

Players can also get a free loot box that guarantees one Legendary item just by logging in during the anniversary event from May 22 to June 11. Past seasonal cosmetics will be made available for purchase and those skins will be accessible through loot boxes.