Owner of War Axe – Aulus is Coming to MLBB

MLBB released a sneak peek of Aulus, the newest fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that will be released in patch 1.6.10. According to Moonton, beginners will enjoy playing this new hero, for he is easy to play yet effective. Also, here’s a fun fact for everyone. He was revealed to be the owner of the physical damage item we all love and hate — War Axe.

First, let’s take a look at his skill set:

  • First skill – Aulus, Charge!: Aulus, Charge! is a movement skill used to assert dominance in the laning phase. It deals damage after charging the skill which makes it perfect for poking as well. This can also be a good escape skill if Aulus is too deep in enemy territory.
  • Second skill – The Power of Axe: The Power of Axe serves as the main damage skill of Aulus. It deals a certain amount of damage in a fan-shaped area in front of him. It also enhances his next basic attack and heals him at the same time.
  • Ultimate – Undying Fury: Undying Fury is the main initiation skill of Aulus, making him a threat in tight spots. He smashes the ground with War Axe, and deals damage to all enemies in a straight line. After that, lava remains on the ground, dealing damage and slowing enemies who are caught inside it. Undying Fury is easy to position, and has a large enough area of effect to catch out enemies in team fights.
  • Passive – Fighting Spirit: Based on the advanced server patch notes, Fighting Spirit gives Aulus increased movement speed, physical attack, and penetration with each basic attack.


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