Paladins Is Getting 100 Players Battle Royale Mode

Hi-Rez Studios’s Paladins is a hero-based shooter that bears resemblance to Overwatch, is releasing Battlegrounds, a battle royale mode sometime in 2018.

In Battlegrounds, 100 players will spawn into a map that is over 300 times the size of a standard Paladins Siege map. Players will need to explore the vast territory, looting outposts for gear and try to survive as the last team standing. Players are put into squads and must work together in eliminating everyone that stands in their way. The concept is just a slight difference compared to PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

Check Paladins: Battlegrounds trailer below.

Hi-Rez is following Epic Games’ Fortnite and Crytek’s Warface by adding similar 100-player battles royale gameplay to their games. It is no surprise other developers are trying to capitalize on PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s concept. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is wildly successful, and it managed to surpass Dota 2 for most concurrent users on Steam.