Paradox Interactive Launched Paradox Mods With Microsoft

Paradox Interactive has partnered up with Microsoft to launch Paradox Mods, a new independent modding platform for both PC and Xbox One.

For the time being, Xbox One, GOG, and Paradox Launcher users will have access to Stellaris, Cities: Skylines and Surviving Mars mods at Paradox Mods. Surviving Mars is the first game to support Paradox Mods, offering alternative ways to experience life on the red planet.

Paradox Mods includes projects from recognized creators within the modding community, along with new creations from modders known in other Paradox game communities. Additionally, this update adds mouse and keyboard support for Surviving Mars on Xbox One. This means console players can point and click their way across the red planet and establish their very own dome-based society with any controls they prefer.

Paradox Mods currently has over 30 mods available for gamers to download and play on Xbox One. Check out the mods library here.