Path of Exile: Kalandra Mystery Box

Path of Exile: Kalandra Mystery Box

The Kalandra Mystery Box has been released with each of the cosmetics having a varying number of thematic variations, and you’ll never receive a duplicate copy of a variation that you have already opened!


Cosmetic contains:

Pyromaniac Weapon Effect – The Pyromaniac Weapon Effect possesses your weapon with a long-dead spirit, who offers commentary and advice based on your actions.

Storm Harrier Pet – The Storm Harrier Pet calls down lightning bolts to strike items as you pick them up.

Glorious Helmet – The Glorious Helmet glows as your kill streak lengthens. It culminates in a ray of light from the heavens.

Dovecaller Wings – The Dovecaller Wings cause you to discover metallic doves inside chests and barrels.

Summoner’s Amulet – The Summoner’s Amulet turns your minions into living (or dead) constructs made of precious metals.

Raincaller Flask – When you use the Raincaller Life Flask, a shower of life-giving water will rain down. Or blood, if you prefer that.

Torturer’s Glove – The Torturer’s Gloves change the appearance of ailments you inflict on enemies, with each variation affecting a different ailment.

Arachnomorph Pet – The Arachnomorph Pet is a creepy spider that follows you around while you’re exploring. However, when you are in a town or hideout… you undergo a surprising transformation. Each variation transforms you into a different type of spider. The spiders scale with your character’s size, of course.

Fireworks Back Attachment – The Fireworks Back Attachment celebrates with a bang whenever you kill a unique enemy. It will certainly draw some attention to you when you die, though.

Revelation Blade – The Revelation Blade has a protective outer layer that shatters as you hit enemies, revealing a core of divine energy.

Crystallised Body Armour – The Crystallised Body Armour grows more crystals the higher your attributes are. Three of the variations scale with single attributes, while the Quartz variation scales with your total attributes.

Tinker’s Waypoint – The Tinker’s Waypoint replaces the default appearance of your hideout’s waypoint, and whirs into action whenever a player uses it.

Enchanter’s Ring – Each variation of the Enchanter’s Ring replaces the visual effects of a different common buff while worn. These buffs are Onslaught, Phasing, Fortify and Arcane Surge.

Oshabi’s headdress – Oshabi’s Headdress summons powerful spirits from the Sacred Grove whenever you use a skill whose attributes align with them.


A total of 14 Cosmetics will be available in the Kalandra mystery box with each of the cosmetics having variants of more than 3.

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