PayPal Express Checkout – Fast, Easy, and Secure Way to Pay


We are pleased to announce that the Paypal express checkout feature is officially ready and available to all OffGamers’ customers. Skip the tedious process of typing in your ID and password on your future purchases with us.

Start enjoying this great feature by following these easy steps below :-

First time user

1. Choose PayPal and click ‘secure checkout’ for your purchase.

2. Login to Paypal at the agreement page. You just need to complete this process once, to enjoy speedy checkout with PayPal.

3. Enter your debit or credit card particulars. Click on ‘save and continue’ when done.

4. Your order summary for your current purchase. Click on ‘agree and continue’.

5. Confirm payment for your current purchase.

One-Step Checkout

For users who completed the initial setup above, checking out becomes much simpler.

1. At the checkout page, select PayPal.

2. Confirm payment for your purchase. That’s it!

Canceling Automatic Subscriptions

To cancel Paypal’s automatic payments :-

1. Login to PayPal. Navigate to the ‘History’ tab and click on ‘Basic Search’ under ‘My Account’ menu.

2. Use the ‘ More Filters’ drop down menu and proceed to ‘Subscriptions and agreements’ and then ‘Billing agreements’.

3. Navigate to ‘Billing agreements’. Our payment e-mail is registered under OffGamers Global Pte Ltd. Click on ‘Details’.

4. At the ‘Overview’ page, proceed to ‘View Billing Agreement Details’.

5. Click ‘Cancel’ under ‘Status’ at the billing details page.

6. Press ‘Yes’ to cancel the subscription.

7. At the billing details page, the cancellation date will be present under ‘status’.