PK XD is Available Now on OffGamers!

We’ve got some electrifying news that’s bound to supercharge your gaming experience. Are you ready? Drumroll, please… Introducing OffGamers as the official PK XD Gems partner! So as for today, PK XD is Available Now on OffGamers! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with Afterverse Games to be your official partner for PK XD Gems, the glittering in-game currency that makes your virtual world shine even brighter. Now, let’s talk about the sparkly stars of the show: Gems!

Gems will get you the PK XD luxury you want. It’s your chance to embrace customization of your character, home, and world like never before. While you can earn them through weekly quests and thrilling minigames, we’ve got an even easier way for you. At OffGamers, we’ve got Gems in all shapes and sizes. From 50 Gems up to 2050 Gems, we have options for everyone. Instantly level up your experience by adding Gems to your account in a flash! Explore our range of Gems and make your virtual dreams come true.

About PK XD

In PK XD, be the mastermind behind everything. Create your dream homes, craft stylish outfits, and groove alongside your pals! What do you want to be? A mere human, a staggering zombie, or perhaps a majestic unicorn? You have complete freedom to be and do anything! With PK XD, the vast open world is your playground, where your imagination knows no bounds

PK XD Features:

  1. PK XD Builder: Dream of creating your own thrilling experiences? PK XD Builder is your ticket to crafting your unique adventures. Design an exciting parkour, a delightful mini-game, or even an epic mall. The best part? Your creations stay in the game, ready for all to enjoy, even when you’re offline!
  2. PK XD Stores: Shop ’til you drop into a world of variety. Visit the Pet Shop for adorable pet pods, the Beauty Salon for glamorous makeovers, the Super Store for character upgrades, and the Premium Shop for exclusive gems, packages, and unique homes.
  3. Minigames: Challenge your pals and yourself in thrilling minigames like Crazy Run and Pet Parade. Collect special tickets as you conquer these games and exchange them for fabulous items in the Arcade’s store.
  4. Virtual Pet: Embark on an adventure with your beloved pet! Show them love and care, and they might just evolve into something extraordinary!

Remember, Gems are your ultimate gateway to enjoy the PK XD universe to the fullest! So why wait? Get ready for endless fun, unforgettable experiences, and countless adventures with PK XD Gems from OffGamers! 

We’ll see you in the PK XD Universe!

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