Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack DLC Releases Next Week

Planet Zoo is preparing for Christmas with the launch of Planet Zoo: Arctic Pack DLC this coming December 17.

This pack also features four brand new Arctic animals: the Polar Bear, Reindeer, Arctic Wolf, and Dall Sheep – all four species come with new challenges and specific needs. With two new Scenarios, there will be exciting things for players to overcome as a zoo manager, along with two landscapes: the mountainous Norway set in the Tundra biome, and the arid Mexico, based in the Desert biome to explore.

planet zoo artic

These two zoos come with their own stories and challenges, which needs to be managed properly to ensure animal welfare and park success. Additionally, there are over 200 new building, scenery, foliage pieces and more to choose from. The Arctic Pack requires the base game to run and the DLC will be available to purchase on Steam and Frontier Store for $9.99.