Play Darks Souls III Early On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

We know that Dark Souls III is about two weeks away from being released in the west, but if you’re itching to jump into punishing world of Dark Souls, then might be able to help you get the game early through a little import loophole.

Dark Souls 3 Early Access

While the game has not launched in North America and Europe, it is, however, available in Japan right now for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You could import the physical disc of the Japanese version or you could buy it digitally. And here’s how, courtesy of VG24/7:

Xbox One

– Create a dummy Xbox Live account, or use existing one
– Go to, navigate to the bottom of the page and switch the region to Japan
– Buy Xbox credit in YEN (which you can buy here)
– Redeem the code and buy the game
– Use any Japanese address to finish the process
– Now turn on your console, you should see the game under the Ready to Install section, download it and voila!

If the game automatically downloads itself, immediately cancel it as it is the Japanese version. You’ll have to initiate the download yourself through the console which will set it to your region (which should change into English as the main language).

For PlayStation 4 users, you can do something similar but the region will still be in Japanese so if you intend to get for PlayStatioin 4, let’s hope you can read Japanese.

PlayStation 4

– Create a Japanese PSN account, you can do so from here
– Use Chrome’s auto-translate option to navigate around
– In the address field, put any old thing (hotel, embassy etc.)
– Buy digital PSN credit in YEN (which you can buy here)
– Login to your PlayStation 4 using the new account, redeem the code, buy and download the game
– Before switching back to your main account, make sure to set the PlayStation 4 as your home console for the JP account

The menus, descriptions, and text will be in Japanese while the voice overs and NPCs will be in English, which is basically what you get if you import the game.

If you do choose to get the game early, then you’re getting an incomplete experience. Publisher Bandai Namco has stated the game will not feature multiplayer support or the “planned day-one patch that will deliver further optimization of the game.” The patch will probably go live once the game is officially launched in global markets.

Dark Souls III is available in Japan and April 12th for the rest of the world. The game will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: VG24/7

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