Play Ghost Recon Wildlands For Free This Weekend

Ghost Recon Wildlands is free-to-play this weekend from September 20 until September 23, and players will have access to all the story missions that leads up to Santa Blanca’s Boss, El Sueno, Ghost War PvP, Predator challenge, Sam Fisher of Splinter Cell challenge, and even the Operators challenge from Rainbow Six Siege.

The game will also be receiving a free ‘Operations & Maintenance’ update that provides Year 2 Pass owners a new item pack along with a ‘Mood Matchmaking’ feature which allows players to select and choose specific goals such as completing missions or free roaming in the open world, and matching you with other players that shares similar preferences. For the time being, there’s an on-going promotion where the new Year 2 Gold and Ultimate Editions will be discounted up to 60% off on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One from September 18 till October 1, 2018.