PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Adds A Training Mode This September

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is releasing a new training map where players can improve their battle royale game through the huge practice ground.

With the on-going ‘Fix PUBG’ campaign, the developers will add new content, fix issues and respond to player requests and feedbacks. The map is expected to launch sometime in September and this addition is a great way for players to practice parachute landings, automobile driving, conventional shooting range, vaulting over obstacles, close-quarters combat, and more. The PUBG Training Mode will consist of:

Incremental range targets:
– 800m Range
– 400m Range
– Special 1k Range target

Free targets:
– Standing targets
– Moving targets
– Targets inside a building

pubg training map

Parachute practice area
Throwables range
Melee range
Parkour area
CQC Course
Indoor CQC Range

pubg training ground

Vehicle tracks:
– Long track
– Racing track
– Off road
– Sweet Stunt Ramps

Open water for vehicles:
– Sweet Water Ramps

Tables of Equipment:
– Melee weapons
– Guns
– Attachments
– Gear
– Ammo
– Throwables

The developers wanted to offer more to the players rather than just providing a standard shooting range and with this upcoming map, players can try out a variety of skills to their heart’s content. Each one of these sections represent a gameplay scenario players may experience during normal gameplay.