PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Adds Weapon Skins In The Next Update

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is getting a new update which include new weapon cosmetic items, the game’s first-ever weapon skins, so that players can customize weapons’ skin according to their preferences.

weapon skin inventory

The skins will be unlockable through PUBG’s newest loot boxes known as Triumph Crates and Raider Crates. These crates will only contain weapon skins and no additional player cosmetics. The Raider crates will remain free and will not need any keys to unlock. The Triumph crates, however, can be unlocked with Weapon Cosmetic Keys bought through the Steam marketplace, and will be added into the list of possible crate drops beginning at 20 percent, making the new crate drop rate as follows:

– Survivor: 10%
– Wanderer: 10%
– Biker: 20%
– Desperado: 10%
– Militia: 20%
– Fever: 10%
– Triumph: 20%

weapon skin 1

Skins which you have unlocked can be outfitted via the game’s new weapon skin inventory in the customization section. Firearms will still look normal in-game until a player using a skin for that weapon picks it up. As soon as you grab a gun you have a skin for, that gun will now permanently be marked with that particular skin, meaning anybody who kills you can grab your gun and use the look as their own.

weapon skin 2

These additions to PUBG are live on the test server now, and will likely be release together with the game’s next patch.