PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds New Update Adds Loot Crates And Others

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds just dropped a new update for Xbox One, which is a massive 6.2 gigabyte on the test servers. It comprises two new collections of clothing, a replacement for the model of the game’s energy drink and new methods to report cheaters.

Before this patch, PUBG has included a Knockoff version of Red Bulls as in-game buffs. The items was called Hot Bull, and the cans shared the exact same cosmetic of the giant drink. The latest patch update comes with a completely new can using a mustachioed guy as its logo.

pubg clothing

Players that log into the test server at this time will receive 100,000 credits worth of PUBG cash and six crates of keys. Purchases will have a higher chance of earning some brand new crates full of new cosmetic upgrades. The update includes two completely new sets of clothing, known as Desperado and Biker.

In addition, the update also includes enhancements to the Reporting feature which will enable you to tag cheaters through replays. You can view the entire patch notes here.