PlayPark @Cash for Singapore Users!

PlayPark @Cash by PlayPark is available on OffGamers which has brought a new convenience to our fellow users for their daily game recharge.

Dedicated to Singapore users, users may now use PlayPark @Cash to reload their favorite in-game currencies which are available on App Store and Google Play Store for both mobile and PC.

For example, the MMORPG South Korean game MapleStorySEA, slingshot action fantasy game Genki Heroes and a fashion explored game Club Audition Mobile are a few of the many supported games.

Customers may purchase any denomination available on OffGamers including 5K, 10K, 20K, 30K, 50K, 80K, 100K, and 200K @Cash E-Pins.

Customers can also log in to their MapleStorySEA Passport Account to check on their balance.


Customers may follow the steps below to make their purchase.

  • 1.Login or create an account at OffGamers;
  • 2.Select your preferred PlayPark @Cash denomination;
  • 3.Click “buy” and complete the necessary steps;
  • 4.Visit PlayPark at and select the game for recharge;
  • 5.Hover over the game and input PlayID / CID ID / Other ID;
  • 6.Enter your login ID, password and captcha code at Asiasoft Passport Login Page;
  • 7.Select “top up” option;
  • 8.Input the serial number, security code, captcha code and click “top up”;
  • 9.Your account has completed recharge!


To purchase, please refer here.




PlayPark @Cash (SG)



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