Asiasoft Online announces its latest game launch – Toykart, for their mobile players!

You, yes you! Are you ready for an adrenaline packed ride?

Race your way to the top in ToyKart! Sabotage your enemies (or even your friends) with dozens of power-ups and traps!

Build up your offense, or toughen up your defense, the possibilities are endless with 12 characters, 12 pets, and more than 55 kart upgrades!

Gone were the days when you had to stare at the screen helplessly when you trigger a trap… ToyKart’s many unique pets will give you plenty of options! You can become immune and even invincible!

Feeling lucky? Try out ToyKart’s gachapon system! Will you be able to get what you want, or will Lady Luck test your patience?

Maximum Speed, Ultimate Fun! Let’s race!

ToyKart (SEA)

Unique Features of ToyKart:

Challenge the Grand Prix on your own, or engage in a real-time match with your friends.

Use power-ups or your pet’s skill to take down your competitors.

Customize your kart in any way you want to.

Make full use of ToyKart’s unique pet system to give your race a boost.

Are you fast enough to be the best? Find out where you stand with ToyKart’s real-time ranking system!

Try your hands on ToyKart’s gachapon system, who knows, you might be the luckiest one out there.

Are you ready to change the way you race with ToyKart? Download now and see for yourself!

Download ToyKart – HERE.


For more information, please visit:
ToyKart Facebook Fanpage.
ToyKart Official Site.

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ToyKart (SEA)

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