PlayStation Premium upgrade, cloud gaming is coming soon

PlayStation Premium upgrade, cloud gaming is coming soon

PlayStation Premium upgrade, cloud gaming is coming soon

On June 15th, Sony announced the expansion of the PlayStation Plus Premium service, which includes support for PS5 games and all PS5 games under the existing PlayStation Plus Game Catalog and Game Trials, as well as digital PS5 games purchased by players. Currently, cloud streaming functionality is being tested and should be available soon.

PlayStation Premium Upgrade

Cloud gaming is currently in the testing phase and is only available to players who have subscribed to the premium membership service. If you want to play games via cloud streaming, a premium membership is essential.

Starting next week, there will be several new members added to the PlayStation Plus game catalog, including several PlayStation 4 games such as “Tacoma,” “Deus Ex: Mankind Divided,” and “Killing Floor 2.” The PlayStation 5 exclusive game “Soulstice” will also be added, as well as “Far Cry 6,” “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge,” “Inscryption,” and “Rogue Legacy 2,” all of which can be played on PlayStation 4/5 game consoles.

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PlayStation Premium升级

PlayStation Premium升级,云游戏即将到来

索尼在6月15日公布,扩展 PlayStation Plus Premium 服务,正在将支持PS5的游戏和现有的 PlayStation Plus Game Catalog 和 Game Trials 下的所有 PS5 游戏以及玩家购买的数字 PS5 游戏”,目前云串流功能正在测试,在不久应该叫就会到来。


从下周开始,PlayStation Plus游戏目录会有几个新成员,其中有几款PlayStation 4游戏,包括《Tacoma》、《Deus Ex: Mankind Divided》和《Killing Floor 2》。PlayStation 5独占的《Soulstice》也会加入,还有《Far Cry 6》、《Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Shredder’s Revenge》、《Inscryption》和《Rogue Legacy 2》,这些游戏都可以在PlayStation 4/5游戏主机上玩。

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