PlayStation Showcase 2021 Highlights: What to Expect

PlayStation Showcase 2021 Highlights: What to Expect


Showcases are basically teaser trailers for upcoming games and after being treated with some interesting prospects from Nintendo, it is now PlayStation’s turn to display the lineup for the coming year. Needless to say, we were extremely excited to see what’s in store for us gamers.

And without further ado, here are some of the games that have caught our eye and can potentially make waves in the gaming community.

God of War Ragnorok PS Showcase 2021


God of War: Ragnarok


This is probably the most anticipated one of them all. Previously, we barely had a teaser regarding the newest God of War entry and suffice to say, there wasn’t much information about the game.

Fans have been theory-crafting and many were speculating on what will the God of War franchise go from the 2018 PlayStation exclusive.

And from what we can tell based on the latest trailer, it seems that Kratos and his son, Atreus, will be facing Ragnarok soon; which also seems to be the general premise of the game’s plot.

Other than that, we’ve also caught glimpses of other Norse deities, like Thor and recurring characters like Freya as well.


Spider Man 2 PS Showcase 2021


Spider-Man 2


A couple of weeks back, the MCU released their latest Spider-Man movie trailer and it seems like our friendly neighbourhood superhero is also taking a major role in the gaming community.

Of course, there are other Marvel games that have been released that are great like Wolverine and Guardians of the Galaxy, but with the Spider-Man game franchise being so iconic over the years, it’s really hard for us to keep our attention away.

To add to that, the anti-hero, Venom will also be a major cast in the new Spider-Man 2 game which we hope that Eddie Brock—one of the more intriguing Marvel characters—will get some deserving game time.


Tiny Tina Wonderland PS Showcase 2021


Tiny Tina’s Wonderland


Shooting games are usually a hit-or-miss for many players, as aiming with a controller isn’t the most intuitive gameplay experience, but we can’t just leave out a game that used Babymetal as its music choice. It’s a sign that the developers have eccentrically good taste.

The graphics are also evidence that the game is unlike most shooting genres, where it uses Wolf Among Us type visuals with gameplay reminiscent of Fortnite.

From the trailer, we can’t really determine what the plot is, but it sure as hell looks fun. Could be a great couch game or maybe even the next big Esports game.


Ghostwire Tokyo PS Showcase 2021


Ghostwire: Tokyo


Horror games are always a good mix from your standard action or RPG games. And aside from Resident Evil, there haven’t been many prominent horror games that boast an immersive story.

Ghostwire: Tokyo might be the next big horror game if the actual game stays true to its trailer. Set in Tokyo, Japan, you will be up against many creatures, where some are strikingly similar to Slenderman and a few headless Japanese students were also teased.

That said, the most captivating part was the combat mechanics. The protagonist’s fighting style is extremely unique with unexplainable supernatural powers which we are very eager to experience when the game launches!


Forspoken PS Showcase 2021




Ever wondered what would happen if Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings had a baby? Forspoken might be the best of both of them.

We follow our female lead, Frey Holland, and her adventures to another universe where she unlocked magical abilities that allow her to parkour her way through the magical landscape.

From the trailer, the voice acting sounded impeccable and pairing it with great soundtracks, Forspoken is easily one of our highly expected games for 2022.


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