Playstation VR Will Cost $400 And Ships in October

Sony threw the gauntlet in the virtual reality race when they announced the PlayStation VR official price. Priced at $399, the PlayStation VR is currently the most affordable VR headset in the market, but it does come with a few caveats.

Playstation VR Official Dates

Announced during the Game Developers Conference by Sony’s President and Global CEO Andrew House, the PlayStation VR will launch in October this year and will be priced at $399 in the U.S., €399 for Europe, £349 in the UK and ¥44,980 in Japan.

The specs for the PlayStation VR is as follows:

Display: OLED
Screen Size: 5.7′
Resolution: 1920 x RGB x 1080 (960 x RGB x 1080 per eye)
Refresh Rate: 120 Hz, 90 Hz
Sensors: 360 Degree Tracking / 9 LEDs
Field of view: Approximately 100 degrees
Latency: Less than 18ms
Controller: DUALSHOCK 4 and PS Move

While at first glance, the PlayStation VR seems to be the most accessible and affordable one, however, the headset still needs a few other add-ons before you boot it up. Namely, you’ll need the PlayStation Camera and possibly the PlayStation Move for it to work.

The PlayStation Camera retails for $60 while the PlayStation Move retails at about $50 each which puts the total amount for the full Playstation VR experience at $510 (with one PS Move).

Despite that, the PlayStation VR still remains the most affordable choice given that those who want to experience VR do not have to invest in a $1000 PC rig if they already have a PlayStation 4. Plus, with 50 games set to release in between the PSVR’s October launch till the end of the year, gamers can look forward to a constant stream of games from Sony.

If you’re looking to jump into the VR world, at the moment, PlayStation VR seems to be the most accessible one, in comparison to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.  Whether that makes it the best choice remains to be seen on how Sony intends to support the VR headset when it launches.

The PlayStation VR retails at $399 and will launch in October 2016.

Source: Playstation Blog

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