Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Review

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl got the remake and the game just got better than before! Not to mention it’s already a great game before the remake!


3D Rendering
So how much did the game changed after the remake? The most visualized part is probably the visual art and graphic. With the technologically-superior Nintendo Switch™, the game has evolved with improved 3D rendering, from a top-down view of pixel graphic to a free-roam 3D graphic. Players won’t be forced to walk in set angles except for the npc who are still doing that.


Have your favorite Pokémon walking with you
Along with the 3D remake, players are now able to roam in the map freely with a companion. Different Pokémon move and act differently, so try walking together with a variety of partners. You can also talk to them during your adventure and they will respond to you in all sort of ways.


Have you ever get tired of the same outfit everyday and want to try out something new for your adventure? This is it. Introducing outfits that are sold at Metronome Style Shop in Veilstone City. Change your style and be the brightest trainer on the street! Finally, you won’t have to worry about Dawn freezing to death with her miniskirt on the snowy mountains.


Pokétch App
Technology doesn’t just advance in real life, it advances in the world of Pokémon too. If you played Pokémon Diamond and Pearl before, or any Pokémon games, you know you always have that one hidden move slave in your team who does all the trees cutting, rock smashing, climbing, moving or surfing. Well let me introduce you to the Hidden Moves Pokétch app, which give permanent access of hidden moves regardless of who is in your team. How? The Pokétch allows you to call on wild Pokémon to help you out. You can also access your Pokémon Boxes from anywhere without needing to head back to town and check at a Pokémon Center. Technology.


Exp Share
What has been the most challenging part of Pokémon? Grinding out exp for the whole team so they can match up for the elite four. But Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl just made it easier. After obtaining the the item, Exp Share, exp are shared to the whole team automatically and permanently. This will be a life saver for casual players but some are having different opinion as they think it took away the challenging part of Pokémon.


Super Contest Shows
Super Contest Shows used to judge Pokémon by their condition and performance by using their skills. Now, it’s judged based on a Visual Evaluation, a Dance Evaluation, and a Move Evaluation. Visual and Move Evaluation is the same as before while Dance Evaluation added in a rhythm game. You need to match the rhythm of the notes that flow along with the music to get Hype Points. Don’t worry, I’m bad at rhythm games too, but Pokémon made it easy enough for even a tone deaf like me to play.


Grand Underground
The Underground, or now called the Grand Underground is just another world. There’s always little holes or cave where you find dug in and build a secret base, but now it just got bigger and better. Like before, you can did in the underground to find useful items and fossils, now the collection just got bigger with Pokémon statues. What’s more is the grand of it. The Underground used to be a small part of the map but now, The grand made it spread out the entire Sinnoh region and a whole maze lies under the map.


Pokémon Hideaways
There are also places called Pokémon Hideaways, which comes with a variety of terrains inhabited with different Pokémon. There are also some Pokémon that can only be found in these Pokémon Hideaways. This added a major content into the end-game where you would spend hours exploring a whole new world.


There are more to be explored in the new world of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl and more excitement to be filled into your adventure. Whether you are a Pokémon fan that’s here for the nostalgia or a new player to the Pokémon that wishes to enjoy original and new content of it, this is a must try for you.

Take on you Pokémon adventure now and catch em’ all!



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