Pokemon GO Knockoff Creatures Are Definitely Made Of Nightmares

You can find Pokémon GO knockoffs by the dozen if you wanted to over at the Google Play Store. This particular clone, however, stood out with not only its blatant copy but also the Pokémon designs which are stuff made of nightmares.

Ball Practice for Pokemon GO is basically the ball throwing segments of Pokémon GO where you can train the art of throwing an excellent curve ball. But developers Rejected Games: FPS Adventure & Sport Simulation Adventure (yep, that’s their actual name) wanted to add their touch to the creatures by redesigning them a bit.

The results were not as… kid-friendly. Behold the monsters of Rejected Games:

Pokemon GO ripoff

Pokemon go Ripoff

Pokemon go ripoff

Of course, with Pokémon GO releasing for more regions, the developer had to change the creatures to avoid receiving a cease-and-desist from Nintendo. Now, instead of Snorlax that seems addicted to drugs, Ball Practice for Pokemon GO has been replaced by Pandas and weird looking lizards.

Of course, instead of playing such ripoffs, why not just play Pokémon GO? Not sure if Pokémon GO is available in your country? Check out our comprehensive list of Pokémon GO availability.

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Pokémon GO is available now for Android and iOS on selected regions.

Source: Google Play via The Next Web

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